Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Open Bids
There are no opened bids entered at this time.
Closed Bids
 Tally sheet (PDF)Bid #TitleOpening Date
 2.1920BView bid doc ('Secure Entry, Roofing and Electrical')2/28/2019
 View tally sheet3.1920View bid doc ('Purchase of Food Service Equipment')3/14/2019
 Chippewa Valley Schools is soliciting sealed public bids for the purchase of Traulsen (or approved equivalent) equipment.
 View tally sheet5.1920View bid doc ('Trash and Recycling Removal Services')3/27/2019
 Chippewa Valley Schools is soliciting sealed public bids for district-wide Trash and Recycling Removal Services.
 View tally sheet6.1920View bid doc ('Integrated Pest Management Services')3/29/2019
 Chippewa Valley Schools is soliciting sealed bids for an Integrated Pest Management service contract.
 View tally sheet7.1920BView bid doc ('Security System')4/17/2019
 Procure, install and configure a new Security System and all associated low voltage cabling.
 9.1920BView bid doc ('Tennis Court Renovations')4/22/2019
 Chippewa Valley Schools is soliciting public bids for high school tennis court renovations.
 1.2021View bid doc ('Service Level Agreement Contract for VBlock Converged System')5/16/2019
 Chippewa Valley Schools is soliciting sealed public bids for a Service Level Agreement contract on VBlock Converged System.

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