Thursday, July 18, 2024

Welcomes to the website for Chippewa Valley Schools' Purchasing Department.

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Chippewa Valley Schools welcome vendors to submit proposals in response to our public bids. We issue bids for various supplies, equipment and services needed throughout the district. These bids are available on this website the same day they are released for distribution.

Bidders shall note the pertinent deadlines as indicated in the bid documents. There may be a vendor's pre-bid conference scheduled on a specific date, time and location. Bidders are responsible for attendance at these conferences. Vendors must note that public bids must always be submitted in a sealed envelope, to a specific location prior to the date and time of bid opening. Late proposals will not be accepted for any reason.

Bidders are responsible for downloading the complete RFB documents, including any and all addendums.

All interested bidders must REGISTER to gain access to download any bid. Registration is only required once, and you will be provided with a password to download the bidding documents. Your login and password will be required prior to downloading documents. Since Chippewa Valley Schools uses this information to distribute additional bulletins, and inform bidders of any changes to a particular bid, the completeness and accuracy of the information contained in the bidder's profile is solely the responsibility of the bidder. Failure to provide accurate or current data, such as company name, e-mail address, fax, or phone numbers may result in not receiving pertinent information, and possibly submitting a noncompliant proposal.

Chippewa Valley Schools requires all contracted vendors to submit an updated W9 form prior to delivery of products or services. Please click on link to access the W9 form. Please fax the completed form, attention: "Accounts Payable" to the following fax number: (586) 723-2128 or mail the completed form to:
Chippewa Valley Schools, ATTN: Accounts Payable
19120 Cass Avenue, Clinton Township, MI 48038


Chippewa Valley Schools
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